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English AI Writing Assistant

Targeting the executive and student for writing, and AI assistance. Do you–or your child–need help with writing? Do you have trouble brainstorming? Do you find writing boring and impossible?


Maybe you wish you knew how to make your writing sound better. Maybe you feel challenged and overwhelmed by English assignments at school, or  you’re fearing the college-application process because of all the essays that you will have to write.


Why not seek the help of a compassionate professional? Improve your writing skills in a sustained way with the help of an English professor with over twenty-five-years of experience helping students of diverse backgrounds.


Enhance your critical thinking skills while brainstorming topic ideas, coach techniques for finding your voice, help you move through the steps of the drafting and revising process, and much more.

Best Value

English AI Writing Assistant



Valid for one month

  • 3 hours 1x1 time with expert

  • 6 meetings : 30 minutes each

  • Expert guidance is provided to produce two original essays.

  • Meetings will focus on lecture and workshop.

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